Typically, I start with concept sketches. These may end up as scaled drawings which are suitable for design approval. Full size drawings are then made and transferred to the finish surface with carbon. On rough material I may work directly onto the surface at full size. Large scale projects may require the use of pneumatic carving tools, but finish work is always done by hand. I do not sandblast.

Letters are most often cut to a 90° v-section, although other profiles can be used, both raised and incised. Sculptural work is made cavo-relievo (below the surface), low or medium relief (above the surface).

Materials are as various as the kinds of wood and stone. Bronze, concrete and other durable man made options may be appropriate. Such options will often be limited by a building’s palette of materials or by cemetery regulations.

I prefer to retain control of installation of my work. In cases where the scope or scale of the job is large, I rely on professional collaboration and subcontracting.

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